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Seeking to improve supply chain efficiencies without disrupting production, the Motorola spin-off turned to Quovera.

Business objectives:

  • Faster, more accurate responses to customer requirements
  • An improved ability to rely on available-to-promise (ATP) and customize-to-promise (CTP) estimates
  • Shorter order-to-fulfillment cycles

Improving supply chain efficiencies without negativity impacting ongoing production required a deep understanding of semiconductor manufacturing and a well-orchestrated plan for change management. Implementation also called for a thoughtfully-designed training program and a comprehensive rollout plan.

As a result of the Quovera solution, ON Semiconductor has:

  • Improved the speed and accuracy of its responses to customer requirements, to be specific, the reliability of available-to-promise (ATP) and customize-to-promise (CTP) data
  • Achieved 95% auto-scheduling
  • Automated early warning alerts for too-high or too-low inventory levels
  • Significantly shortened order-to-fulfillment cycles
  • Improved on-time delivery (OTD) to customer-request-date (CRD) by 15 points.
  • Achieved seamless collaboration between ON Semi, customers and suppliers

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With our industry solutions, Quovera offers you a distinct advantage over traditional consulting firms. From long experience, we know your industry inside and out. We¹re current with best practices, evolving business models and your competitive landscape.

We bring a knowledge base that is fresh, accurate and focused to each and every initiative.

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